description of the new 2in1 frames

After the first presentation of 2in1 works, made in London in spring 2015, when these new works were displayed framed with two plexiglass sheets, coupled with bolts, the need of a solution better fitting the requirements of galleries arose. The requirements for the new frames for 2in1 photo works, two images on one sheet of printable paper, one for each side, were set on the ground of assuring:

the full and complete fruition of both sides of the work

the enhancement of an innovative type of photographic works, not yet submitted to the market

to allow the possible wall placement without use of visible coupling systems

The implemented solution meets all the above requirements.

Currently two sizes of 2in1 photo works are available and produced:

25 x 25 cm

38 x 50 cm

corresponding to the following measures of the relative frames:

27,8 x 27,8 x 11 cm to be displayed propped

43 x 55 x 8,4  cm to be displayed on a wall or propped

The two-faced frames of 2in1 works are characterized by a perfect mirror image of the two sides, the work is enclosed between two anti-reflective glass for better visibility and its total protection. These frames can be made of dark wood or lacquered in the required color, the standard lacquered version is white.

A red border, joining the two halves, is placed in the thickness of the frame, in addition to performing the function of connecting the two sides, it characterizes the object. The frames are sealed and do not allow substitution of the content, in fact approaching the two-dimensional photographic work to sculpture.

A request can also be made of different sizes from those mentioned above.