presentation of the 2in1 works at the Bricklane Gallery London

Paolo Bongianino (from Italy) received his first camera in the early sixties and since then, he never gave up looking at the world around him through the lens of his camera with curiosity and attention.

After a career in management, he decided to devote his time to photography and fine art prints.

Based on concepts from the “Fronteversismo” manifiesto by Giuseppe Siniscalchi he explores photography as a field where we can have a second image on the back, thus giving the opportunity to the works proposed to the public, on the front, to have a soul, to live a second life, allowing limiting, with the same number of printed images, the use of the resources of the planet we live on.

Bongianigo prints images on both sides, offering the audience the opportunity to have a work that actually acquires a double usability or even may have, in the hidden side.

“The image only is not enough, it must somehow move the imagination of the viewer and emotion him: only in this way I can say I realized my target when I shoot. This contemporaneity does not always happen, but it happens even more often than I can imagine. Image and emotion: this is the summary of my approach to photography.”